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What You Should Know About Offset Printing

If you plan to print any catalogs, books, or magazines, you might want to consider offset printing. While this style of printing is usually for large scale operations, many businesses are starting to incorporate it into their office setting. Here is more information about this type of printing and why it is useful.

What is offset printing?

Offset printing is a type of printing that involves using printing plates to print various types of publications. Whenever you pick up a book or magazine, it was probably printed using offset printing techniques. This type of printing is done by using various metal plates that allow the ink to be transferred to the paper for various types of print.

How is it different from inkjet printing?

It also helps to understand the main differences between inkjet printing and offset printing. The ink colors are a big difference. Inkjet ad offset printers both use the same basic colors, including red, yellow, blue, and black. However, offset printing can also utilize pre-mixed inks that can be fluorescent or metallic, which regular inkjet printers are not able to do. Another big difference is how the ink is applied to the paper. With inkjet printing, all colors are added to the paper through the first pass. However, when you are doing offset printing, each color goes onto the paper separately.

What are the benefits?

While offset printing isn't for everyone, there are definitely benefits to choosing this option. First of all, if you plan to print a large number of books or catalogs, you will be saving money per book. The important thing to keep in mind with cost is that you want a high quantity of copies so you save more for each book, but you don't want to print too many as that is just wasted time and ink.

Another benefit of offset printing is the ability to print in full color and with a variety of special effects. There are simply some effects you can't get when you are using a regular inkjet printer. With offset printing, you can do fold-out pages, foil-stamped covers, and embossed printing effects.

Are there any drawbacks?

Before you rush out to buy the equipment needed for offset printing, you should also be aware of the potential drawbacks. First of all, if cost is your main benefit, make sure you need the quantity required to save money. If your small business just needs 20 manuals printed for your employees, that is probably not going to save you money. If you needed 2000 of the same manual, however, you might benefit. The other thing to remember is that there is more lead time required. To begin printing you will need to check the color and print quality, and schedule the print job before you even start.