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4 Instances When Fraternity And Sorority Houses Need Printed Shirts

Whether you have been in a fraternity or sorority before or not, you have seen girls and boys on college campuses and on television who are constantly wearing chapter-related apparel. These shirts are primarily used for branding and marketing purposes to get people's attention. Here are four instances when new printed T-shirts are a must for a sorority or fraternity: 

1. Recruitment of New Members

First and foremost, the house is going to need some new recruits. While most colleges and houses have their share of picks, it is always nice to advertise that you're recruiting. All of the brothers and sisters in the house need one and you could even sell extras to those who would like one. This is a great way to bring in some extra money that the house may need for the school year. Many chapters will order printed shirts to give to the new members on bid day when they are formally invited to join.

2. Philanthropy Events

Most chapters will host at least one philanthropy event throughout the school year. At these events, there is always something fun to do, but the focus is really on the good cause that is being supported. This is a good time to order t-shirts so that everyone in the house can match on event day and to spread the word ahead of time about the good cause the college and community can support. Popular philanthropy events include walk- or run-a-thons, obstacle course runs, poker tournament, home run derby and flag football.

3. General Greek Events

When it comes to Greek Row, there is never a shortage of signature events. These events include meet and greets within the chapter, semi-formals, formals, date parties, Greek Week and more. T-shirts can be designed to be sold for these events to not only serve as a marketing tool, but to also have as a notable keepsake afterward.

4. Marketing and Branding

Fraternities and sororities are both always looking for a way to get their name out, similar to the way businesses do. T-shirts are probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this on a college campus. Add catchy or memorable sayings, along with the chapter logo. It is a great way to draw attention and spread the word that your chapter is the best.

Printed sorority shirts, or fraternity ones, are definitely the way to go if someone wants to show pride for their chapter. If your sorority or fraternity is interested in getting shirts, contact a printing business close to your college campus to obtain price quotes and to share your design ideas. Don't forget that your order doesn't have to be limited to printed shirts, as it can also include anything from sweatshirts and duffle bags to magnets and decals.