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3 Tips For Having An Effective Sign For Your Store

When you need a sign for your store, it may seem like a simple process to design one and have it printed. However, it can be easy to make mistakes that lead to an unattractive, ineffective sign. Here are some tips to make sure that your sign draws in customers and increases your store's profits.

Consult Your Employees

While you're thinking about what your sign will look like, it's a good idea that you talk with your own staff. Your employees are in the store every day and have some idea of what your customers like and respond to. They can offer you insight into what kind of design elements may be effective with your clientele.

After you have come up with a few mock-up signs, check first with your employees to get their opinions of which sign to have professionally printed by a company like America North Printers. You don't have to take their advice, but having the extra feedback can prove helpful.

Don't Use Too Much Text

You may be excited about everything your store offers and want to display as much information on the sign as you can. However, it is critical that you avoid using too much text, because that can result in a cluttered, unattractive sign. For people passing by, too many words can be hard to read. Instead, stay focused on conveying the most important information about your store. You might include your phone number, hours of operation or a tagline, for instance.

Get Feedback from Customers

When you finally hang your sign, you may think there's nothing left to do. However, it is critical that you evaluate whether the sign has worked well. For instance, have sales gone up? Seek feedback from your customers by having them fill out a survey asking them to tell you whether they noticed your store because of your sign. To encourage them to complete the survey, you can give them a discount on something they buy.

Once you know how your customers feel about your sign, you'll know whether changes need to be made to your sign or whether it is as effective as you wanted it to be.

Now that you know some of the things you can do to create a great sign for your store, use the tips above to get started. Work with a professional printing shop to get design ideas that can give you a sign that works well for your business.