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Four Unqiue Ways To Customize Your Wedding Invitations

Online custom wedding invitation printing makes it easy to create the exact invitations you want. The invitations can be designed online, purchased and delivered to you in just a few days, so you can even use this option to purchase invitations for last-minute weddings. With so many brides and grooms looking for unique ways to make their invitations stand out, you may want to do a bit of extra customization after you receive your printed invitations. Here are just a few ways you can make your custom printed wedding invitations even more memorable.

Adorn Them With Ribbon

One beautiful way to make your invites stand out is to add a bit of ribbon. Go to your local arts and crafts store to get spools of ribbon that match your wedding colors and the invitations. You may also want to pick up a ribbon hole punch  if you don't already have one. These hole punches create two side-by-side cutouts on your invitations you can use to lace the ribbon through to tie a bow.

Bonus hint: pick up extra spools of ribbon in different sizes to use when decorating the reception area. Buying all of your ribbon at the same time ensures a perfect color match.

Add Maps To Each Envelope

Instructions for how to get to your wedding can be helpful, especially for out-of-town guests. Print off an online map of the wedding area, and use tracing paper to copy the key features of the map. Place the traced map and a piece of white copy paper (to create the look of a solid piece of paper) on your scanner and scan the map. Once it is scanned, you can upload the map to your online printing service and design the map to match your wedding invitations. You can even choose a fun theme to make the maps more exciting, such as a pirate map for a beach wedding.

Add Silk Flower Petals

One way to make your wedding invitations memorable is to add a little something extra to the envelope. Adding silk flower petals in the colors of your wedding them makes your invites more exciting, and it also tells your guests which colors will be used for the event. This can help them choose what to wear, what type of wrapping paper to choose for your gift or what color flowers might be appropriate to wear as a corsage. With a simple gesture, you can tell your guests a lot about your event.

Get creative with your invitations. Look for other ways to make your invites even more exciting, such as glitter or confetti. Once you have your invites taken care of the rest of your wedding planning. Talk to a company like Fleetwood Photo & Digital for more help.