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Follow These Tips When Printing Mailing Labels

If you have a use for mailing labels or shipping labels, you probably want to print them out. This is not only much easier than trying to write everything from scratch each time, but it also gives you the opportunity to customize the labels exactly how you want. Here are some tips for getting your labels printed.

Use High Quality Paper

To start with, the type of paper you use for your labels does make a difference. Poor quality paper tends to buckle more easily when being printed, and the text and images on your finished labels will be uneven with ink that bleeds. Instead, pick up some high quality labels that are specifically designed for the type of printer you have. There is a difference between labels that work best in inkjet printers to those designated for laser printers.

Know Your Printer's Specifications

Another thing people don't often consider is that your printer might have very specific instructions for printing labels, beginning with how the paper is loaded. Don't just look up general instructions for feeding the label paper into the printer and printing out the labels you have designed. Instead, take a few minutes to read your printer's manual and figure out exactly how your printer should be set up. You will get much nicer labels by doing it correctly.

Let the Ink Dry

This is a classic novice mistake, as you are excited to see your labels and used to regular printed sheets where it dries almost instantly. Remember that label paper has a different finish on it, so the ink is not going to dry as quickly. It takes even longer to dry when you are printing images on your labels as well. Give each sheet a little bit of time before you remove the sheet from the printer or remove the labels from the sheet to be used.

Get Large Quantities Printed Professionally

There are many reasons to print them yourself, but also some major benefits to choosing a professional printer. Companies that will do printing for you are highly recommended when you have a large quantity of labels to be printed, such as if you own a business. You are not just printing a page of labels for holiday cards, but most likely have dozens or even hundreds of pages to be printed. It is more cost-effective to just have them printed by a professional service.