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Use An IRC Method To Promote Surplus Products

Rotating stock is necessary when selling merchandise that is most suitable for a specific season. Being stuck with an influx of leftover summer gear or holiday decor can greatly affect your profit margin. If you lack space or funds to purchase special shelving units to promote merchandise that will come with a promotion or a discount, a folded IRC, or instant redeemable coupon, that is secured to each product may help you unload the surplus quickly.

Instant Redeemable Coupons Are Persuasive

Most shoppers appreciate receiving a good deal, and when there is an additional discount applied to an already low price, consumers may be inclined to buy several products during the same shopping trip. A folded instant redeemable coupon is a promotional product that will not affect packaging or your current display setup.

Each folded IRC can be secured to the corner of packaging and will alert shoppers to an existing deal. An IRC can be used to reduce the cost of a product by a couple of dollars, offer an incentive to purchase one product at full price and one at a discounted rate, or provide the opportunity to receive a percentage reduction from an entire shopping bill.

Color graphics, bold lettering, glossy paper, and perforated edges will make each IRC stand out, just as much as a standard display would. A printing service will mass produce the folded design that you choose. Because a folded paper will allow much more printed information than a small slip of paper or a standard label, you will not be severely restricted by how much printing or graphics can be added to each promotional coupon. 

Different Promotions May Work Better Than Others

If you are trying to unload a discontinued product or a seasonal item that won't be featured in your store much longer, an IRC that requires one purchase for a single unit in exchange for a free product may be your best tactic for selling the merchandise within a specific timeframe.

If you feature products that are manufactured by the same company and you would like to encourage your customers to buy a new item that was recently released, offer a coupon that discounts a dollar or two from the cost of each unit. When a consumer notes that a particular product will cost slightly less than a competitor's product, they may be inclined to make an impulse purchase.

Another way to attract sales is by ordering folded IRCs that contain scratch off tickets. Purchase random tickets that designate a specific percentage that will be deducted from a final cost. When an order is rung up, a consumer can be instructed to tear open the IRC and scratch off the playing field. The percentage that is revealed will be automatically deducted, resulting in a successful sale for your shop and a satisfied customer.