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The Benefits Of Using Canvas For Your Photo Prints

Are you looking to put up a large photo somewhere in your home or office? The traditional way to do this would be to get a large printout on photo paper and then frame that paper before putting it up on the wall. But today, more and more home and business owners are turning to canvas prints to get the look they want. Here's why you might want to opt for canvas photo prints the next time you need to update the décor in your home or office.

Canvas Photo Prints Allow You to Skip the Heavy or Bulky Frame

A traditional large, framed photograph might feature a heavy wood or metal frame. This could add significant weight to your photo or artwork, especially if you are trying to go big and cover up a large wall. A large canvas photo print will take up the same amount of space, but you will often find that canvas weighs considerably less than a photo and heavy wooden frame of the same size. This may make it easier to move the photo or artwork if necessary in the future.

No Glass Means No Glare

When you place a photo inside a frame, it of course will have glass on top of it. Even the best frames out there with the best glass may end up having a bit of glare depending on where you are putting the frame and the angle of any light within the room or the angle of the person looking at it. When you make the switch to canvas photo prints, this is no longer a problem because glass is completely eliminated from the situation.

Turn an Average Photo Into a Premium Work of Art

Your photo of a family vacation may look nice inside a wooden frame, but when you upgrade to a canvas photo print, that basic family photo can suddenly look like it's an elaborate piece of art. Canvas photos simply look better than those that are printed on even the fanciest photo paper. Elevate your décor and your family photos by using a higher-quality material underneath.

A High-End Look for Less

Price will of course vary based on the size of the photo, the quality of the canvas and so on. But in general, most canvas photo prints will be less expensive than a paper photo that is accompanied by a heavy or elaborate wooden or metal frame of the same size. You can get a premium piece of art for your wall without having to pay a premium price.