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Need To Build Up Your Business? 2 Types Of Direct Marketing That Work

If you need to build up your business, there are many things you can do. One of these things is direct marketing. When it comes to this, there are different types of direct marketing you can do, two of which are listed below.

Email Direct Marketing

One simple way to do direct marketing is to use email marketing. You can send emails to people that you already have in your contacts. This is also inexpensive, and you can reach many people. You could send out an e-newsletter, emails to promote your products or services, and more. One benefit of email marketing is you can send different emails to different customers. For example, you may know one set of customers purchase certain products on a regular basis or other customers may use services that you offer along with your products. 

Most people check their email at least once per day, so this can be a very powerful way to advertise your business. If your customers see something they like, such as a sale you are having, they may forward your email to someone else or at least talk to people about your advertisement. 

Do not send emails out too often as your customers may get annoyed by you. Once or twice a week should work well, or you may even want to send out something monthly. 

Direct Mail 

Another form of direct marketing is using direct mail. You could hire a printing service to print out flyers for you with your company name, address, phone number, and promotions you are having or products or services that you offer customers. You can purchase mail marketing address lists online or go to your local post office to see if you can purchase lists. Many post offices will allow you to include a direct mail advertisement for a fee.

Direct mail also includes sending out self-mailers, which is one printed sheet that is folded. Envelope mailers are another type of insert that is placed inside an envelope. Postcards are also considered direct mail. Talk to the printing service and they should be able to tell you of other ways you can do this.

If you use direct mail, use colors that stand out, such as red or yellow. Also, make sure your company's name and your messages, such as your products or promotions, are easily seen. This is because people may simply glance at an advertisement and then throw it away. If your customers see that it is from you, they will then read it.

There are other forms of direct marketing, such as social media marketing, text marketing, and direct selling.