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How To Get The Most Bang For Your Screen Printing Buck

Most customers who seek screen printing services are looking to do more than create a couple of T-shirts. They're often trying to make money, promote causes, or establish brands.

It's usually a smart idea for customers to try to maximize their screen printing dollar. How do you get the most bang for your buck, though? Consider these four recommendations.

Use Basic Colors for the Base Material

If you're printing a shirt or similar product, the base materials tend to be the fastest way to run up the cost. Even if you want to use high-end materials, you can still save some money by sticking with basic colors.

White and black have been winners for ages. Most printers have them in stock, or their suppliers can get them in stock quickly. Similarly, you can depend on the printed colors to look reliable because black and white won't create odd effects. If you don't want to use white or black, try to stick with a standard color like true blue.

Simplify the Color Palette for the Inks

The more inks you use, the more costs you'll face. A screen printing services provider has to produce more screens, use more inks, and take more passes to build up a range of colors.

You should take advantage of the color tools in design software packages. These usually allow you to test how different ink palettes will look. You can often rapidly prototype a design that uses a handful of colors without compromising on the appearance of the product.

Picture every T-shirt that ever promoted a rock band. Many use a single strong color against a strong base material. The Nirvana smiley face, for example, is just yellow on black. It's also worth a literal fortune.

Seek Experience in Your Segment

Look for a company that does your kind of work. If you're promoting a tight corporate image, you'll want to work with a printer that has a great portfolio of business branding products.

Also, don't assume a company can only do one thing well. Some folks juggle varying styles with skill. Look at the company's portfolio and judge the products that match your market segment and tastes. You'll spend less time on revisions and more time on results.

Plan for Quantity

The basic act of ordering in quantity helps you save money. However, the ability to order more down the road also saves money. The screen printing services company keeps the templates for projects. If they know you're going to regularly order more products using the same templates, they can save prep time.

Reach out to a local screen printing service to learn more.