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How To Use A Negative Approach To Produce Amazing Mail Pieces

When handling any creative messaging project, especially producing something like a mail piece, people often focus on trying to make the best item possible. However, you also need to use a negative approach so you can outline a checklist of the things you don't want to do. When doing mail printing, pay attention to these four potential negatives so you can produce something amazing.


The recipient of any mail piece is going to look at it quickly and make a few snap judgments about it. You want them to do this because a good bit of mail piece printing should resonate instantly. A person can only do this if the piece isn't cluttered.

You need to deploy a limited number of images and graphics. Likewise, you don't want to use more than two typefaces. When possible, try to avoid producing the dreaded wall of text because that is an instant turn-off.


Modern mail printing campaigns have access to database tools that allow you to get highly specific in your appeals to individuals. Avoid generalizing to the point a piece looks like it could go out to anyone. Build mailing lists that tie profiles and personas to at least a few identifiable groups of receptive audience members. Use modern technologies to produce distinct appeals for each persona and send them to targeted customers.

Lack of Data Gathering

The absolute gold of the mail piece printing industry is the data that comes from responses and even non-responses. However, you can't generate this data if you're not using sufficient gathering techniques.

You already have the means to personalize items down to the address level. If a retail chain sends coupons to customers, for example, they can print unique codes on each item. These codes should connect both the customer and campaign to the mail item, and they should be easily scannable when the coupons return to you. You can then use the data to measure responses and refine your future marketing.


Avoid gimmicks, especially ones that create a false sense of what the customer can do. For example, don't put a fake check on a mail piece.

Focus on the value you can bring to the recipient's life. If you're making a financial offer, such as a percentage off a person's next purchase, be clear about the deal and the terms.

Similarly, a business selling widgets should show the benefits and joys to come from widget ownership rather than pounding away at product details. Remember, folks who want granular details can go to your website. Use mail piece printing to engage personally, emotionally, and authentically.

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