Four Tips For Building A Better Business Card

Despite the focus on technology in business communication, the business card is still a staple of most professional interactions. After all, it's a tangible item that helps to reinforce your contact information and your professional affiliation. When done right, your business card can serve as a valuable identification tool that will help you grow your business. Here are some tips to help you create your first business card for your new business. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Offset Printing

If you plan to print any catalogs, books, or magazines, you might want to consider offset printing. While this style of printing is usually for large scale operations, many businesses are starting to incorporate it into their office setting. Here is more information about this type of printing and why it is useful. What is offset printing? Offset printing is a type of printing that involves using printing plates to print various types of publications. [Read More]

Chicago IL - A Business Card For Better Business

In this day and age of computers, digital media, and paperless living, business cards would seem likely to fall victim to the technology phenomenom that other paper and card stock products have fallen to over the last decade. Not so! Business cards are still an absolute must when it comes to networking, meeting new people or clients, and getting your name out there. Have a business card handy is what can make or break a new found connection, and could make the difference between them deciding to pick up the phone and call you or not. [Read More]